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Hack the Facebook with Backtrack 5


Hack the Facebook with Backtrack 5 
Hack Your friends facebook account 

Step 1 : Open set Tool in Backtrack 5 : To open it follow the step shown above .

Step 2 : Time to set the Website Attack Vectors : Below Menu   enter your choice : 2.Website Attack Vectors and press Enter .

Step 3 : Select your Attacking Method , Here i choose 
3. Credential Harvester Attack Method.

Step 4 : Select Attack Vectors :write  2. Site Cloner and press enter as shown in the image . 

Step 5: Enter the Url: To make a clone to facebook login page I entered https://www.facebook.com and press enter . As I press enter it will automatically generate a clone page .

Step 6 : To continue the process you have to put * sign and press enter.

Step 7 : Process will continue as shown in the image above .

Step 8: Open terminal and enter ifconfig command . It will shown your ip address . Now copy the ip address .

Step9 :Open Web Browser and  Paste the system ipaddress into Address bar and it will redirect to the facebook login page .
Now Enter your anything to check it will work or not . 
FOR EXAMPLE: Here I use 
Email : h4x00r

And Press Enter . Let see what happen on the Next step .

Step 10 : In step 7 the process start you remember now when you follow step 8 and step 9  ,then it will come up with  all the details of Username and Password . 

This is how we set a trap and hack victim facebook and password only on Backtrack 5 


Note:This article is just for Educational purpose  only . Do  at your own risk. 

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